Thursday, July 02, 2015

Revit Doors with FRAMES in Revit 2016

Good news, Autodesk has provided us with Doors Families with frames. Seems like a small detail but isn't that what counts? I had one client use the 'Single-Flush' door families extensively in a design with very tight constraints. When the design was developed further he realised that he needed to swap the frameless 'Single Flush' door family with a door with a frame. Like I mentioned, tolerances were tight and you cannot compromise on egress requirements.  This caused much frustration, wasted time and a mark on my reputation for not advising him on this issue. A small detail which caused problems for all involved. 

You may be thinking 'why don't you just make a Door with frame or download one from ARCAT or Autodesk Seek'? The person who is using Revit at the time will use what Family is immediately available for the immediate need. So from that time on I recommend to NEVER use the 'Single-Flush' Door Family and provide a door with frame Family. But that dreaded 'Single-Flush' door still rears it's ugly head after a reinstall or a new new versions etc.

So, thank you Revit Development team for paying attention to this seemingly small detail. Now there are both commercial and residential folders with doors with frames installed with Revit.

There is also a separate hardware folder which contains a variety of hardware Families which can be loaded into a Door Family.