Thursday, January 28, 2010

Revit FAQ

Here's a great post by Chris Price on the most asked questions of Revit. It's a few years old but most of the questions still remain relavent...

Curtain Wall Glass Corner - No Corner Mullion

You may have noticed that Revit curtain wall corners don't trim or clean up very well. While you are able to replace the end mullions with one of the corner mullions there is still no option for a glass butt-joint panel. So there's a workaround...

Make a Wall Type called 'Glass Panel'
Edit the structure to be the desired thickness of your glass.
Set the material to 'Glass'.

On the Curtain Wall:
Tab to select the corner panels and replace them with the wall type 'Glass Panel'. (You may need to unpin them first.)
Delete the vertical mullions on the corner. (You may need to unpin them first.)

Click here for more on corner mullions.