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Friday, May 15, 2015

Favourite Standard Revit Keyboard Shortcuts

Favourite Standard Revit Keyboard Shortcuts

f2: Rename View

WT: Tile Windows
ZA: Zoom All Windows to Extents
ZE:  Zoom Extents
ZZ: Zoom Region

CS: Create Similar

WA: Wall
DR: Door
DL: Detail Line

SL: Split
TR: Trim Corner
AL: Align

SE: Snap Endpoint
SM: Snap Midpoint

VV: Visibility Graphics Overrides

Monday, April 06, 2015

Model Beams Underneath a Complex Roof

This is an excerpt from a 2011 article written by Marcello Sgambelluri. Even though Marcello has figured out a way to do this with Dynamo, this technique is still quite simple and valid. You can find the entire article here:

1. Make a Wall which intersects the Roof.
2. Join the Wall to the Roof
2. Use the 'Pick Lines' tool in the Beam command. Turn on 3D snapping. Select the intersecting line of the wall and roof.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Revit (2016?) Wish List

First of all, making software is very hard and complicated and I am very grateful of the hard working and caring people at Autodesk. This is mostly a re-post from 2011, yes that long ago. Since then I have trained over 1000 people in Revit and consulted on over 1 million sf of Revit projects, many now constructed. Along the way I have observed certain questions/issues/requests/frustrations that come up repeatedly. I am re-posting this to emphasize where Autodesk has improved Revit and what they still need to do in my opinion. I am aware that there are apps and bits and pieces of software which do some of what I'm asking for but this needs to be thoughtfully integrated into Revit. I have not seen the Beta so maybe some of this is already done, which would be great. Please add to this list in the Comments.

Open the Revit Database Already!

Most of my wishes revolve around opening up the Revit database, some specific examples:
-Schedules which can query anything from any category. i.e. list everything in a particular room.
-Tags which are able to read data from other objects and categories i.e. Doors reading Room numbers.
-Universal Search. Search by multiple conditions and save searches. Or just start typing a find anything. (you can search the Project Browser now)

Automated Project Browser and View Tools

-Project Browser makes and manages Phase and Design Option views automatically.
-Automated 3D Section Box views which are linked to the extents of plans, sections and elevs.
-View Folders (not parameter). Drag and drop views between folders.
-Automated naming of views i.e. Room 101 South Elevation


-Please provide linking of Excel, Word and PDF files into Revit.


-Schedules to include Family thumbnails.-They checked this one off the list. Maybe the next improvement is to combine Legend views with Schedules, add tagging to Legend Components while you're at it :-)

Other Stuff 

-Edit Family button for Annotation i.e. Levels and View Titles.
-Walls which have a 'centreline' built in for various uses rating plans
-Automated lineweight control based upon distance
- Site tool enhancements.(Did they give us this one? Sorry but the Eaglepoint stuff is just too complicated)
-Two Click Revision Bubbles (Yay, we have this)
-Spell check that checks all of the spelling
-Phase filters that show multiple phases backward. Allow for more Graphic Control over previous and future Phases.
-Universal Annotation Settings Interface

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Set Default Viewport

When you drag a view onto a Revit sheet the default Viewport is 'Title W Line'. Although there is no 'Set Default Viewport' button you are able to set one default Viewport. You can do this by renaming and editing the properties of the current default Viewport (Title W Line).

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Revit OpEd: Revit 2015 R2 - Perspective View Changes

Another long-time wish list item...

Revit OpEd: Revit 2015 R2 - Perspective View Changes: It is not uncommon for a new Revit user, that is already familiar with Sketch Up for example, to be a bit surprised that we can't do rou...

Revit OpEd: Revit 2015 R2 - Reveal Constraints

Steve Stafford demonstrates a long-time wishlist item. Maybe now we can allow our beginner users to constrain the model...maybe not.

Revit OpEd: Revit 2015 R2 - Reveal Constraints: A new view override feature called Reveal Constraints is part of the subscription only R2 release for Revit 2015. It is intended to make it ...