Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elevation Depth Line Quality

Here's a typical question:

We have been working with some elevation views on a couple of our projects in Revit and it seems that in terms of line weights the depth of the buildings do not read well. Is there a setting to control how Revit handles the line weights of different parts of the building particularly those that are further back in the distance? The building I am working on happens to have several parts to the building that are in the mid ground background plane so any help would be much appreciated.

This is a good question which has potential to be a good built in automatic utility. For now, though, here's how to address this.

Right-click on object or objects....
Override Graphics in View...
By Element...

Then adjust projection lines as required.

This will do in most scenarios.
There are times when you may have to break down and use the 'linework' tool. You don't want to use this tool too often though since it could be time consuming to keep updated.