Thursday, February 14, 2008

ORUG March Meeting and Other News

Our next ORUG meeting will be March 26, 2008
When: Wednesday, March 26 2008 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.
Location: Alice Fazooli's, 294 Adelaide St W, Toronto ON.

Theme: The BIM Model: New Concerns and Opportunities
The BIM Model- Liability Conversation
The BIM Model- “3D Printing” a Tactile Model
Invitations will be emailed in early March.
More details to follow…

Autodesk to Acquire Green Building Studio
After nearly 10 years of market changing innovation, Green Building Studio is delighted to announce we have signed an agreement for Autodesk, Inc. to acquire our assets. In other words, our Green Building Studio (GBS) web service will soon join the Autodesk product family. Please be assured that our talented team will continue to sell software and train and support architects as they use our web service to design carbon neutral buildings today and in the future.Read more…

Extensions for Revit®
Revit® Extensions are a series of easy to use applications that extend the capabilities of Revit in various key areas, including structural analysis and reinforced concrete drafting.On January 15 2008, Autodesk completed the acquisition of Robobat who develops these Extensions. All Extensions for Revit Structure formerly developed by Robobat, both fee and free, are now available through the Autodesk Subscription Program.Visit the Autodesk’s Subscription page under Services and Support to find out more about this service and becoming a member. Revit Structure Subscription customers can login to the Subscription Center and download the Revit Extensions at no additional cost.
A great example… Revit 2008 Worksharing Monitor
The Worksharing Monitor facilitates the use of Revit software in a worksharing environment, in which multiple people work on one project. For workshared projects, the Worksharing Monitor answers questions like the following: Who is currently working on this project? Is my local copy of the project up to date? When will my Save to Central operation finish? Has my request to borrow elements been granted? Are any issues interfering with my work on a Revit project? More info…

Autodesk VIZ to become Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design 2009
With the increasing demands for trained staff and richer toolsets, we noticed a significant movement of Autodesk® VIZ software customers to Autodesk® 3ds Max® software. We also learned that approximately 90% of VIZ customers would prefer to use 3ds Max. In surveying our customers, we learned they want:-New features and capabilities to ease the creation of stunning imagery and cinema-quality visualizations-The ability of 3ds Max to handle even the most complex projects-Access to a much larger community of peers and talent pool-Easy transfer of knowledge and data from VIZ to 3ds MaxTo satisfy these desires, we intend to introduce Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design 2009 software, a new and uncompromised version of 3ds Max tailored to the needs of architects, designers, engineers, and visualization specialists.More info…

Doors From/To Room Schedule

Although you can't tag the door using this feature you can show the room doors are going from and to in the schedule. You will need to create Room Objects. Choose 'Select Available Fields From:' and then you can choose From Room and To Room. Add 'Room Name' to the Scheduled Fields area.

The result...

Organising the Project Browser

Here's a great tip for organising the Project Browser.

Ever have this problem? You develop your scheme within Revit and before you know it you have a list of Views and Sheets as long as your link for more