Monday, December 11, 2006

Implementation Certified Expert

No, I didn't go to Waltham Mass. (Near Boston) just to have a pint at Cheers (although I did). My main purpose was attending the Revit Implementation Certified Expert (ICE) training. The course was really well taught and developed. It was interesting to meet counterparts from all over the world; Japan, Korea, USA, and even from my little ol' Canada. One thing that was impressed upon me was that even though Revit is easy to use you need a plan to implement it. The other thing is attitude. If someone doesn't want to learn something, forget it. So, choosing the right people for your team is very important. Here are some basic steps to a successful implementation and for project planning in general:

Establish a baseline of where you are; people, projects, workflow, technology etc.
Make a detailed plan; training, deployment etc.
Follow your plan and try not to get sidetracked.
Follow up on your plan and see how you can do things better the next time.