Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grumpy Muppet: Revit Terminology and Other Rants

First off, thank you to all you smart people at Autodesk for the great work you are doing advancing design technology. Now, please listen...

Rant 1: Terminology

Friends at Autodesk, please review the terminology used in Revit. The inconsistency of terminology has been causing problems to new users for years. Here are some examples:

The tool to make a foundation wall is under the 'Structure' heading as Wall:Structure. This would be fine but the tool to make a strip footing is under the tab called 'Foundation' as 'Wall'.

To make a column footing you pick a tool called 'Isolated'. It's not isolated, it's under a column. A slab is more isolated than a Column Footing.

You can place a beam using the 'beam' tool, very logical. Now, where does one load more 'beams'? From the 'Structural Framing' folder. Are columns not also part of the frame?

And don't get me started on 'Families'. I devoted an entire post to translating 11 variables for family names...

Rant 2: Seeing Levels and Grids in 3D

Okay, Autodesk has no excuse on this one. For over three years we have been able to see Datums in 3D in the Conceptual Mass template. Why can't we at least have the option to show this in the project template?! (I'm not even going to mention perspective mode in Vasari)

Rant 3: Revit Structure Sections

Last rant, is for Revit Structure. Actually, this is more of a wishlist item. Why can't we just load one section (W10x49 for example) and use it for all beams, columns and detail components?