Thursday, March 30, 2006

Custom Lines (fence line)

You want to draw lines that have other shapes in them eg. --x--x--x--x or --o--o--o--o. These are sometimes used to define a fence. This has to be done with a 'repeating detail'. Here's how:

1. Make a family using the 'detail component' template. This will be the lines and shapes you want to repeat.

2. Load into project.

3. Go to the drafting toolbar. Choose Repeating Detail. Click on properties. Edit/New. Choose the new detail component family as the "Detail". You can set other things like spacing and rotation.

4. Start drawing the repeating detail as if it's a line. This "linetype" can be imported/exported using the "transfer project standards" tool. (I've blogged this as well under "Importing Wall Styles".)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Exporting to 3D DWF

Email your clients a 3D model that they can spin, zoom, filter components etc. Just go to a 3D view and choose File-Export DWF-3D DWF...
This will create a tiny file that you can email. Here's the link to the writer:
Here's the link to the viewer:

Importing Wall Styles

So you know how to load a door family but how about other things like wall styles or maybe text styles? Here's how:

1. Open an existing project (we'll call it project A) that contains the styles you want.
2. Open a the project that you want the styles imported into (project B).
3. While project B is open go to File-Transfer Project Standards...
4. A list will appear with all the styles that you want (from project A). Simply check the ones you want and press OK.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Line Styles in Family Editor

Line Styles are not available in the Family Editor.

To make your own, you need to go Settings-Object Styles-New (button). You can make a style and apply any of the line patterns to it.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Revit Annotations..continued

Schedule Text
How could I forget? The schedule text style is controlled in the PROJECT (.rvt) and more specifically in the view properties of the individual schedule. Right click in the schedule view and choose ‘view properties’ then ‘appearance’. You can select the fonts, sizes etc. You’ll see the changes only when the schedule is dropped onto a sheet. (The font’s etc will not show in the schedule view only on a sheet.)

Titleblock Text
Titleblocks are a FAMILY. The text inside of a family is controlled within that family. Its styles do not automatically get imported into the project.

Monday, March 06, 2006

How to Fillet in Revit

Watch the video...

I can trim, offset and align but where's fillet?

Fillet is used with a 'draw' tool like line or wall. Here's how to put a radius on the corner of walls;

Start the wall tool and choose fillet arc from the dropdown list.

Pick the two corner walls and draw a preliminary arc.

Pick the arc and adjust the radius by typing the number in the dimension.