Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Import Sketchup into Navisworks

Sketchup (6 and lower) files can be brought directly into Navisworks 2013. The materials are also brought over and don't seem to need any markup. This has great application for construction planning and presentations.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Revit 2013 Stair Arrows

You may have noticed that when you make a callout a stair, the arrow doesn't show in the view.

This is part of the new Component Stairs functionality. If you want to add the stair arrow and text in a new view you will need to go to Ribbon-Annotate-Symbol-Stair Path and then click on the stair in question.

Visibility Graphics-Annotation Categories-Stair Paths controls the Stair Arrow and text visibility (this is true for the Component and Sketch Stairs). The arrow is now a System Family and can be adjusted.

The Stair by Sketch retains the 'old' integrated arrow and text graphics.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Revit Update Error: Cannot Locate Product

When you are trying to install an update for Revit you may get the following error:

"The update release could not be installed because the expected Autodesk product could not be located on your computer.  Make sure that you are using the correct update release for the product."

There are two basic reasons for this error:

1. You have the wrong release number ie. trying to install 2012 on 2013
2. You have the wrong type of product grouping ie. Standalone or Building Design Suite

Revit standalone:

as part of the design suite

More on this can be found on this forum: