Friday, June 04, 2010

IESVE Approved for LEED Canada

This is a good press release from IES. IESVE is a good, solid and trustworthy energy modeler...

IESVE is approved energy simulation software for LEED Canada

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) is pleased to let you know that the Virtual Environment (VE) is now an approved energy simulation software for LEED Canada to demonstrate compliance for Energy and Atmosphere (EA) Prerequisite 2 and EA Credit 1.

Take a look at the Canada Green Building Council web site to find out more.

For LEED Canada the energy simulation software program must also meet the requirements for Qualified Software per IRS Notice 2006-52 as amplified by IRS Notice 2008-40, Section 4.

You can access the approved software list which the VE is on at:

You can also access the pdf providing details on the VE compliance with the requirements at:

IES can review and approve your VE models for LEED Canada
Are you looking for an independent assessor to review and approve your energy models created in the VE? IES can help you.
As an approved Experienced Modeller, Luc Delestrade (Senior Project Consultant at IES) can review energy models prepared in the VE. Based in Vancouver, Luc is a highly experienced energy modeller and building simulation consultant with significant experience in assisting design teams to achieve their low energy targets.
Contact Luc to find out how he can help.
Call+1 (604) 561 4842

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