Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Printing PDF

Most of the time it works fine. When it doesn't, it usually has something to do with the print quality (DPI) of the PDF writer. This is found under Print-Properties(of the PDF writer)-Advanced-Print Quality. The two common occurences are:

Arcs are looking squared; set the DPI up (try 600).

The final print has streaks, blotches and/or boxes; set the DPI lower, like 300 DPI.

CutePDF is free and seems to work fine, although not better or worse than any others I've tried.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Revit Hardware

This is likely the number one question asked about Revit. 'What's the best hardware configuration? '

As of today it seems that RAM is the biggest influence on performance. Most video cards that claim to be good for CAD work fine.

Chips are important, here's what to keep in mind; get the fastest good quality chip either by Intel or AMD. Revit rendering will take advantage of dual core. Revit is not 64bit ready but it wouldn't hurt to look at those chip offerings as well.

When you talk RAM you also have to talk Microsoft Windows. Simply stated, only 2 GB are available for any given operation. There are ways to get 3 gigs available to Revit but let's avoid the techno-babble.
Here's how, just in case:


About five or six years ago a charismatic guy named Cyril gave my company an online Revit demo. The company didn't go for it but I was hooked.

I hope to share some of the things, good and bad, that I have learned and continue to discover. As you can see from the title I will try to avoid the technobabble.