Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elevations and Phases

Elevation markers disappear in different Phases. How do you coordinate the extents and views of these different phases? You can address this by doing the following:

1. Select the Elevation Marker, Cut and Paste Aligned-Same Place. You would do this into the view with the Phase set as desired. The copied Elevation Marker will be in the same place but on the desired Phase.

2. Make a Scope Box. You can drag the extents of the Scope Box to determine where Grids and Levels start and stop. Click on the Grids and Levels, Element Properties, choose the Scope Box you just made. Scope Boxes also have properties that allow you to control the view it's visible in.

3. Organize your Browser. This can also be done by adding a parameter to the views.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Room Number Intelligence

More and more I am seeing the need for room number intelligence or awareness. I am not alone on this, many of our clients are asking this.

Yes, I can schedule what level a ceiling is on but what about what room it's in? You can do this a little bit with the doors so we know that it's possible. What room is that patient bed, furniture, or light etc. in? It would be nice to then schedule 'by room'. For instance, Room 101 contains: patient bed X, X number of lights.

Please comment...

Tagging Ceiling Heights in Room Schedules

This can't be done automatically.

Here are a couple of workarounds...

1. From release 2009 and on you can do the following:

Settings-Area and Volume Computations-Calculate Volumes
Make sure the Room object is bounded to the ceiling.
Add a Calculated Value to the Room Schedule using the following info:
Name: Ceiling Height, Type: Length, Formula: Volume/Area
Please note that this workaround only works where the Room and Ceiling are the same shape. The ceiling must be flat.

2. Pre 2009, ie.2008 has another workflow. You may even choose do this in all releases because of the complications of the workaround mentioned above.

Make a Shared Parameter called Ceiling Height
Apply this to the Room Object in the Project file as well as the Room Tag
Make a duplicate of your ceiling plan.
Tag all ceilings showing Height Offset from Level
Tag all Rooms
Now that you can see the actual ceiling height you will be able to manually update the Shared Parameter 'ceiling height' in the Room Tags.
This will keep a coordinated Room Schedule, Tags with the ceiling height.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Can't Edit Hatch in Family

Many times you will insert a Family into Revit which has hatch on it. You will not be able to edit the location or orientation of that hatch while it is in the Project. You would need to open the Family, adjust the hatch, then reload it back in.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

AutoCAD Pline Widths in Revit

You want to Import or link an AutoCAD file with plines representing walls. The plines are set to the actual thickness of the wall. When this is imported into Revit the plines lose their thickness.

Changing the Revit lineweight is not the greatest solution because the lines change thickness based on scale. Also, you would have to do some calculations to get the corresponding width right.

You would be best to make the change in AutoCAD before you bring the file in. To that end I've attached a lsp routine which will convert plines to mlines with the corresponding width. You might want to add another string of code which explodes the mlines into lines because mlines don't come into Revit either.

Here's the thread where I found the lsp file written by Joe Burke...
(note: this code leaves out closed segments, you will need to change the plines to 'open'.)


Here's a cut and paste of the code...

;;;thanks Joe Burke
(defun c:lml ()

;returns list associated with a DXF code
;arguments key: DXF code, alist: object data list
(defun massoc (key alist / x nlist)
(foreach x alist
(if (eq key (car x))
(setq nlist (cons (cdr x) nlist))
(reverse nlist)
) ;end

;(setq s (ssget))
(setq s (ssget '((0 . "LINE,LWPOLYLINE"))))
(setq teller 0)
(repeat (sslength s)
(setq en (ssname s teller))
(setq ent (entget en))
(if (= "LINE" (cdr (assoc 0 ent)))
(setq PtLst (list (cdr (assoc 10 ent)) (cdr (assoc 11 ent))))
) ;if
(if (= "LWPOLYLINE" (cdr (assoc 0 ent)))
(setq PtLst (massoc 10 ent))
) ;if
(command "mline" (foreach pt PtLst (command pt))) ;point list fed to
;(command "erase" en "")
(entdel en)
(setq teller (1+ teller))
) ;repeat
) ;end

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conditional Formatting Trick...

I just saw this trick on Steve Stafford's blog...

When you are creating/editing a schedule and select a value that can be formatted, like Area or a Number value for example press the ALT & N keys in the formatting tab. You will then be able to select a range or do other snazzy things.

His full article...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Shared Parameters File

Do I need to send it with my Project file?
Will all of the parameters give errors if it is deleted or moved?

The simple answer is no.

Deleting or moving the actual Shared Parameters File does not cause any immediate errors, unless you try to make a parameter from it again. The information from that file is saved with the main Project rvt file. That means that you do not need to send it with a Project file. If the users at the other end want to edit, add or use it they will either need to get yours or make an exact copy themselves.

Here's a little more explanation...

This goes to show just how good Steve Stafford of Revit OpEd is. This is a 2005 article from his blog (which he wrote on a Sunday).

"...deleting the shared parameter from the shared parameter file (there is no link to the shared parameter file) doesn't directly affect a family or project that already uses it. Only when you remove it from a family or project will it affect the existence of data. Also you won't be able to assign or use the parameter again after it is deleted, since a new parameter by the same name is unique in the world as far as Revit is concerned. "

The rest of the article...http://revitoped.blogspot.com/2005/07/shared-parameters-part-3.html

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Autodesk Software Assistance

This is nice news. If you are out of a job in the design industry there is an opportunity for you to get free software and maybe even training within the next few months. Please read the full press release here...

A little extra,
If you are in Ontario, Canada and need a business loan or grant check out this site...


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Select All Instances Tool Dangerous

I would recommend that all new users not use the Select All Instances tool. If the tool was 'Select All Instances in View', then fine but not as it is. Why? If you pick a piece of text in a drafting view and then use 'Select All Instances' all text of that type will be selected. If you then delete, it's all gone in every view. This holds true for walls, doors and everything.

Linked File Scope Boxes Printing

When a linked file which contains a Scope Box is printed the Scope Box border will print. This will happen even if the 'Hide Scope Boxes' checkbox is ticked.

As a workaround you will need to hide them in each view by using the Visibility/Graphics Overrides box.

Please note that you can override the visibility in the element properties of the Scope Box. If you turn it off in every view you will not be able to click on it again to edit it.

Revit 2010 When and How

The Revit Architecture 2010 release is fast approaching.

The when is the middle of April.

The how is a little more difficult...

Subscription customers must choose how they would like their software upgrades to be delivered this year (in Canada).

The delivery options are:
1. Do nothing. Your 2010 Autodesk software DVD / CD will automatically be shipped to you in 30 days. (add on top of this the delivery time which can take anywhere from a few days to weeks)
2. Download your 2010 Autodesk software using the Autodesk Subscription Center.
3. Login to the Autodesk Subscription Center to request a DVD / CD copy of your 2010 software and Autodesk will ship your DVD / CD after you submit your request.

If you need full instructions to get into subscription center call your reseller.