Monday, January 21, 2019

Element is too small on screen Warning is FIXED! Well, sort of.

Revit 2019.2 is out and there are some improvements...

In this sub-release you can see Autodesk's focus on BIM360, and rightfully so. BIM360 has finally matured into a stable, useful product/platform/thingy. I say 'thingy' because it truly is a new thing that is yet to be fully defined. For now, the simple fact that the Revit files are in the cloud and people who don't use Revit can view and markup on any device is great! For the future, I see more opportunities to leverage the Forge platform to automate design, extract reports, view and monitor the construction project among many, many more opportunities.

The minimum distance error is GONE, sort of. It's gone when moving and copying. You will still get the warning and be prevented from drawing something smaller than 1/32"(2mm). I believe I first submitted this request to the development team in the year 2000. I'm hoping that they wait until after 2020 to completely fix this error. That way, we can throw a big party at AU for the 20th year anniversary of 'The Request'.

Zoom into Schedules. Funny thing, that didn't seem to bother me 19 years ago. Still, they fixed it and I'm glad.

Here's a full list of enhancements.