Friday, May 29, 2009

Curtain Wall Corner Mullions

Curtain Wall Corner Mullions are preloaded in the default template. You have the following choices of shapes: (see image)


You can make more types by editing the properties. (see image) You can edit material, thickness and general size.
You cannot make a custom profile for corners like you can for non-corner mullions.
If you would like a custom corner you will be best to make it out of a structural column family.
If you are missing the corner mullion families from your project file (maybe they have been purged) do the following.
-Project Browser
-Curtain Wall Mullions
-Right Click on desired heading
-Choose New Type
Corner mullion size can be adjusted in their Type Properties.
Also, the corner can be non-perpendicular and the corner mullions will adjust.

Click here for more about glass corners.

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