Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Autodesk University Presentations

Public voting is open for Autodesk University Presentations. You can vote here:

I have submitted three proposals.

Session title:
Mutual Symbiosis in the Revit Habitat: Users and Reseller Techies Unite!

Session description:
Software users and software specialists enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Both parties have access to business opportunities and technical resources which are hard to get at while working alone. This class will expose and identify many of the opportunities that a good user-specialist relationship can offer. A BIM/CAD Manager from a progressive, Revit-centric firm and a Reseller Techie will share their experiences on key topics. The secrets to getting technical answers fast from resellers and Autodesk. Techniques on getting the most out of students and teachers in training will be discussed. Plus, learn how to connect with even more experts by starting and running a successful users group. If your symbiotic relationship has been strained, learn how to unite and squeeze more out of a valuable opportunity.

Key learning:
Expand your business network
Get technical answers fast
Start a local users group
Get the most out of students and teachers
Expand your technical resources

Target audience:
BIM/CAD managers, Reseller Application Specialists

Session title:
Navisworks: Coordination as Easy as a Game

Session description:
Turn your building into a video game and email it across your team. Swap materials and render instantly. While taking a virtual tour redline, comment and save animations on the fly. Watch your building get built, in real time. Animate the crane for clearance. Email the whole file to your team for free viewing. In this class we will learn how to take your large multi-meg Revit files and turn them into a smooth, interactive file small enough to email. This is how many consultants, using many different kinds of software, solve the coordination problem.

Key learning:
Import Revit Files
Walking and Flying
Creating an Environment and Applying Materials
Timeline your Construction

Target audience:
Architects, Contractors, Builders, Engineers, Designers, Resellers

Session title:
Stairway, or Ramp to Revit Heaven

Session description:
Stairs, ramps and railings are some of the hardest tools to master in Revit. We will discuss specialized techniques for making parking ramps, multi-landing and poured concrete staircases, as well as unique rail conditions. You will learn the ‘rules of thumb’ when making stairs, ramps and railings while exploring the limits of what can be done. We will cover how to properly annotate and detail stairs in sections and plan. If you feel that your stairs haven’t quite reached heavenly heights join us in this session as we climb the stairway, or ramp to Revit heaven.

Key learning:
Make a sloping and curving parking ramp
Make a multi-landing stair
Learn some stair and ramp ‘rules of thumb’
Annotate and detail stairs
Explore the limits

Target audience:
Architects, Engineers and designers who need to make stairs.

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