Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Revit 2010 First Impressions

Autodesk continues to focus on the Revit platform, and they've been busy! Here's what the big picture looks like for this release...

User Interface
This needed attention and was given. Looks like the Type Selector has been enhanced to show preview images. The 'ribbon' in AutoCAD 2009 has been frustrating at times. From the images that I've seen the Revit ribbon is well organized.

Native 64bit support
This enhancement cannot be understated. It's not flashy but it can make a huge difference in the size of model that you work on. Users won't have to 'break up' models into links as much anymore. Now we can finally move beyond 4gb of RAM!

Freeform Modelling
It's funny because you wouldn't think that the masses of designers need this, but many do. When you're designing in 3D it's amazing the array of shapes needed. Even if you're making a 'classic' (rectangle) building there are custom column capitals, window lintels, furniture, lighting and other things that require non-rectangular shapes. I'm looking forward to getting into this feature.

There will be more but that is just a sampling. There are other sites like which go into greater depth and even have videos.

Looking forward to April...

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the new freeform modelling tools can only be used in the massing family. In-place, system and standard families will be using the old limited modelling tools.