Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Revit Team

Many wonder how a Revit Team could go together. I would argue that the team members already exist with one or two exceptions. Some or these roles would bleed together naturally. Here's how it could go:

Design and drafting
Know how buildings go together and have a broad knowledge of Revit. Should also know what a construction document set looks like. (DUH!)

Family and styles maker
Feed the design/drafting team with custom content. Build Families (doors, furniture, fixtures etc.) from the ground up, download Revit Families or adapt from existing AutoCAD Blocks. Deep knowledge of the Family Editor would be needed.

Scheduler and spec writer
Everything in Revit can be quantified. Harness the information and present it for construction docs, estimating, budgeting, LEED certification, accounting etc.

Rendering and post editing
You would be amazed at the quality of presentations that are being done by using two pieces of software; Revit and Illustrator/Corel. Of course by using software like Vue 5, Maxwell Render and VIZ, animations and photorealistic stills can kick it up a notch. BAM!

AutoCAD Coordinator
That's right, AutoCAD. This person would clean up dwgs that come in from consultants. They would coordinate the exported and imported dwgs in the model. And finally they would organize and/or draw fine details that could get imported. You can detail in Revit but for now there's no use in abandoning all of the existing detail content done in AutoCAD.

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