Monday, October 01, 2007

Make Impressions and Voids in Walls

This video shows how to make impressions of any shape into walls. This method can also be applied to other objects like roofs, floors etc.


Scott Davis said...

Jay, you implied that vertical reveals can only be made by creating an in-place family void as shown in the video.

You can make vertical reveals by using the Host Sweep>Wall Sweep tool just as you did for the horizontal reveal....just check off the Vertical option in the Options Bar before you place the reveal.

Jay Polding-ORUG Moderator said...

Thanks Scott for clarifying, I missed that one!

Alan (cadalot) said...


Great site... just started learning revit and just found your site. I will have to keep an eye here on a regular basis.

Is there anyway the video clips can be made bigger/clearer for those of us with poor eyes?