Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Revit Architecture 2009 Extensions

You can now download Revit Architecture 2009 Extensions from the Autodesk Subscription Center. Some impressions:
Freeze Drawings: create a 2D drafting view of a plan, elevation or section view.
Text Generator: A few more bells and whistles for text. A temporary solution I hope.
Grids Generator: This is a step in the right direction for creating and editing levels and grids.

One thing of note, you can choose to display your grids in 3D. This will draw unconstrained model lines on top of the grids.While I like the idea of these extensions, and in some cases they are badly needed, I find them disappointing. They seem incomplete as compared to the Revit Structure extensions.

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Jon Stamps said...

These actually are Revit Structure extensions that aren't specific to structural tasks, so were simply granted use in Architecture.