Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can't Get Network License Error 15.370.?

Just encountered this issue for a Maya install but it applies to Revit etc. Plus the error was just 15.370.00 not 15.370.36. The fix still worked.

You configured a machine to be a network license server and then installed an Autodesk product on the same machine. When you launch the product, it tries to check out a network license and fails.

On Windows, the FLEXnet Finder dialog displays and, when dismissed, is followed by a license error dialog displaying the error code [-15.570.36]. In the Mac OS, a license error dialog displays the same error code but it does not display a FLEXnet Finder dialog.

This happens on all operating systems where an IPv6 stack is installed.


The following steps should allow the client to find the server and check out a license file:


1. Get the IP address of the machine (by typing “ipconfig” command in a CMD window or by getting it from the LMTOOLS “System setting” tab).
2. Open the hosts file located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
3. Add the IP address and hostname to the hosts file, e.g., “111.222.333.444 machine_name”.
4. Save and close the hosts file.

Full Autodesk Doc:


Elmo said...

The easiest way I resolved this is to install the LMtools from Autocad 2010 and not the 2011 version of LMTools

Elmo said...

The way I resolved this is by installing the Lmtools from your Autocad 2010 disc and not from the Autocad 2011.