Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dimensioning to 'Center of Core' in Linked Wall Doesn't Work

I think that the title says it all. Why is this important?

Many of you are using linking on large multi-discipline projects. You will link all of your models into one 'documentation' model. If you cannot dimension to 'center of core' of a wall through a linked file you are missing a key documentation feature in the workflow.

(Nasty) Workaround:
You will have to draw and lock ref planes at the center of core in every wall, in every link. Then you will be able to dimension to the ref plane. ugh.

Autodesk Development is aware of this and plan to fix it. But to add some urgency, please contact Autodesk through your Subscription Center account or your local reseller and log this. If you have a better workaround please feel free to comment...


Anonymous said...

It also doesn't work to face of core and that's a bigger issue for architecture. I'm in the process of annotating a link and having other issues:

Slope arrows don't work
Spot elevations are spotty! They work but are inconsistant compared to doing this in the actual model.

The problem of introducing some of this in 2011 and more in 2012(I thought 2012 might complete this but finding out this ins't the case) is that if it isn't all then it is probably nothing so don't give us a tool that doesn't really allow us to do the job until it is fully implemented.

Jay Polding said...

This issue is just an oversight that they will fix, as long as they feel a bit of urgency.

Faces of Core works as long as you tab to them. Center of Core cannot even be tabbed to.

Haven't found too much wrong with the slope and spot tags.

That being said, Autodesk does need to do a better job of executing and supporting features that they introduce.

Jay Polding said...

Just got this message from Andre Carvalho...

"Jay, I know this is a bug. As a workaround you can go back to the linked file and divide the core layer of the wall in two. So instead of having a 6" metal stud core layer, you duplicate the core layer and make two 3". This will create a core center line for you that can be measured in the host file. Dirty workaround but can be used as a temporary one until Autodesk find a solution to this bug. Then you can go back and change your wall back to the original core layer."

Tincho said...

Hi, that last tip was really usefull, thanks a lot.

Anyway, this hasn't been solved yet, has it?

I'm using Revit 2016

Jay Polding said...

Hasn't been fixed yet. Post a wish here: http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/revit-ideas/idb-p/302/tab/most-recent