Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revit Wish List

AU is coming up and I need to get my Revit Most Wanted list together. Please comment on the list below:

Open the Revit Database Already!
Most of my wishes revolve around opening up the Revit database. 
We need schedules to query anything from any category. 
Tags need to be able to read data from other objects and categories ie. Doors reading Room numbers.
We need an automated Room Datasheet maker. A schedule that will list everything in a particular room.
Universal Search. Similar to Navisworks, search by multiple conditions and save searches. Or just start typing a find anything.

Automated and Enhanced Project Browser
Project Browser makes and manages Phase and Design Option views automatically.
Drag and drop views between folders.
Automated naming of views ie. Room 101 South Elevation
Automated 3D Section Box views which are linked to the extents of plans, sections and elevs.

Print conditional statement colours in schedules.
Schedules to include Family thumbnails.

Phasing Refinement
Phase filters that show multiple phases backward .

Global visibility control
A global option in the Visibility/Graphics box.

Other Stuff 
Universal Annotation Settings Interface
Walls which have a 'centreline' built in for various uses rating plans
Edit Family button for Annotation like Levels and View Titles.
Distance lineweight control
Not even going to bother asking for Site tool enhancements.
Two Click Revision Bubbles


Anonymous said...

Great list Jay,
I’ve been building libraries of families lately, and tying them into schedules and legends can become frustrating at times. Lots of preplanning is required, with some trial and error thrown in later. I think this post sums up some of my wishes for families,

Wish 2, more formula functions like those that exist in a spreadsheet. Round, Roundup, and Rounddown are great additions in 2012, but they only allow you to round to the nearest integer. A round function like the one from excel would be much more helpful, plus dozens of other formula functions.

Wish 3, Stairs and railings need to be revamped (and Site tools). These haven’t been updated since Jesus was a sophomore.

Wish 4, get Revit Server to work across different networks.

Wish 5, a 21st century text editor. Heck, even a text editor from the '90's would work great.


Nick said...


I am not typically one to self promote but I have been working with Steve Faust of Revolution Design on a new bundle of Revit add-ins nicknamed "workFlow".(

The reason I mention this is because you commented on Automated and Enhanced Project Browser and we created an add-in called viewRename that actually automates the naming of views (or renaming of views).

Perhaps Autodesk will take notice of these add-ins and try to incorporate some of the ideas into their next Revit release.

Anonymous said...

Another item to add to the wish list is to be able to create custom arrowheads. I keep wanting to make my own and bump into issues. I am creating general annotation or detail component familys to make it look the way I need to.