Thursday, March 28, 2013

Import 3DsMAX into Navisworks 2013 BUG

Earlier this year I did a post on importing Sketchup into Navisworks, and how great it works. So a clients asks, 'can you do the same from 3DsMAX to Navisworks 2013?'. The answer is no, geometry will export but all materials will be missing. Autodesk is aware of this bug and is working on it.

DWF works fine
I haven't tried this on 2014


Brian Renehan said...

If you use FBX file format, it brings in the materials.

Jay Polding said...

Thanks for posting Brian. Have you tried this? I have found that FBX nor NWC exported from 3DsMAX will import into Navisworks with materials. Autodesk also confirmed that this is a bug. But maybe you have found something that we haven't.