Thursday, June 27, 2013

InfraWorks for Building Design Suite Ultimate 2014

I've been learning InfraWorks and have to say that it's amazing. I should say that it has amazing potential. Creating your design in the context of a real-world environment is so powerful. All that is left is for Autodesk to integrate Oculus Rift support and we have a true virtual experience. It's so easy to use, like a video game (SimCity). When I say 'easy' I mean compared to getting a similar result in another software. You need to know (or learn) something about coordinate systems, raster images, terrain models etc.

Autodesk has broken up the product into various versions...

For some reason the Building Design Suite Ultimate, which has Revit, doesn't have the Revit import in InfraWorks. Whereas the InfraWorks in the Infrastructure Design Suite does import Revit directly. While you can use FBX for the Building Design Suite Ultimate version it won't be a 'live' database link. Then again, maybe you don't want that to clog your InfraWorks model.
There are other differences and we are still discovering those, I will post as I learn.

Here's a video on how InfraWorks might be used.

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