Thursday, January 16, 2014

Grumpy Muppet Returns: More Terminology Confusion

I have previously written about the lack of terminology consistency in Revit. This slows the understanding of certain Revit topics. Makes me wonder how this terminology is translated into Revit in other languages. Many around the world will just use the English version, but would some of you who use Revit in another language let me know how the different versions of Revit are translated? You can comment below or send me a Tweet @jaypolding

Site/Coordinates Naming

The Level Type Property 'Elevation Base' reads the opposite of what I would expect.

If I change the Project Base Point to an elevation of 100' and change the Level to reference the Project Base Point, the Level will read 0'. But if I change the Level to read the Survey Point the Level will display 100'.  On top of this, changing the Survey Point Elevation has no visible effect on the Level.


Editable Yes.
This means that it is NOT editable. Try explaining that the first time! I know, it refers to the Workset only being Editable by the Owner, but it IS confusing.

11 Names for a Family:

General Naming Rant:

Edit Sketch
Floor: Edit Boundary
Roof: Edit Footprint
Wall: Edit Profile
Railing: Edit Path

Could Autodesk consolidate all of the above into one button which says "EDIT SKETCH"? Because that is all you are doing.

Top and Bottom of Stuff

These could also be standardized:

Walls: Bottom/Top Constraint
Floor: Level
Roof: Base Level
Beams: Reference Level
Stairs: Base/Top Level

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