Friday, July 28, 2006

Revit Books-Reviews

The list of Revit instructional books is growing as Revit is steadily being adopted as the industry standard. Each book seems to have it's strength and it might be necessary to have a couple on-hand.

Mastering Autodesk Building
Author: Paul F. Aubin
Thomspson Delmar Learning/Autodesk Press

My Impression:
Overall, this is a very comprehensive book although I would have to say that the name is misleading. It gives the impression that if you read this book you will master Revit. Not so, there's nothing on rendering or creating camera views and very little is said about materials. In-depth tutorials and explanations are given for most of the main topics and example files are provided on a companion CD. It's over 700 pages so get ready for a lot of reading.

Introduction to Commercial Design Using Autodesk Revit Building 9
Author: Daniel John Stine
SDC Publcations

My Impression:
As an introduction, this is a good start. The reader is taken through a very basic project to demonstrate the funamental tools and what Revit is capable of. There are lots of architectural drafting explanations as to why Revit behaves the way it does. You will finish this book learning the basics and wanting to learn more.


coreed said...

i agree with you on the Stine. It is a excellent book for getting started with the basics. Other than some tying mistakes i have no problems with this book for getting a handle on basic concepts. i am only halfway through the other book, but at this point i would also agree with your assement

Anonymous said...

Has any one used a book titled "INTRODUCTION & IMPLEMENTING REVIT BUILDING" by Lay Christopher Fon & James Balding. I've been asked to learn revit for our small firm and will be taking a intro training coarse. I would just like a 3rd party book as the Aoutodesk book does not go into depth as much as 3rd party books do.