Tuesday, July 11, 2006

View Levels or Sections in 3D

Let's pretend that you have a 20 storey building and you only want to show level 3 in a 3D isometric view. Or you want to make an axonometric projection of each floor. Or you want to see a 3D version of a 2D section. How do you do this? You could use the Section Box feature alone but sometimes it can be slow, depending on the model. And this is not always precise. Here's an alternative:

1. Go to a 3D view
2. Turn on Section Box (this is automatic, see comments)
3. Pulldown menu View-Orient-To Other View
4. Choose one of your Levels or Sections
Your 3D view will look like it turned 2D, but it didn't. If you use the View-Orient-Northeast tool you will see the results. You could also use the Spin tool.
If you want this to be an axonometric than you will need to do this for each floor and then drag and drop them onto a sheet.


coreed said...

you do not need Step 2. the section box will be turned on for you automatically

coreed said...

you do not need Step 2. the Section Box will be turned on for you automatically.