Monday, June 01, 2009

Rise and Run Roof Slope Tag

Thank you Autodesk for adding one of my wishlist items from way back! This may be a small thing but it's important to residential designers. Thanks again!

I found this on David Duarte's blog Revit Beginners...(Thanks David)

Go to Annotate... Spot Slope... and you might notice that Revit has a new slope annotation that works in plan and elevation view. (choose an arrow or triangle symbol from the options bar)

Now try annotating a roof slope with a spot annotation triangle and you might notice something peculiar. Maybe your roof is 6:12 but the annotation read 4:12. Why the error? Because Revit is annotating the Hip not the face of the roof...Try hitting the tab key while floating over the roof edge and you'll see that the slope tag can report the slope of the hip or the face. The tool just happens to default to reporting the hip first.

This tool does not yet work on ramps or railings.

full article...

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