Monday, October 05, 2009

Showing Beams Above in Revit Architecture

Here are some facts that may help in explaining how to show beams which are above:

Floorlan views only look down.

Ceiling Plan views only look up.

The linetype called Overhead is just a standard linetype like 'Hidden' or 'Thin Lines'. Revit will not detect things overhead.

The 'Top Range' of the View Range dialog box is only there to establish how high the 'Cut Plan' can go. Again, Revit will not detect things overhead.

The 'Structural' View Templates set the View Range a little lower but still will not show overhead lines automatically. It will also change the look of the beam lines.

So, here's one workaround:

1. Make a Beam Line Style...

Manage-Settings-Line Styles-Modify Subcategories-New-Call it Overhead Beams-Set the Line Pattern and Line Weight as desired.

2. Temporarily set View Range...

View Properties-View Range-Top Range-Set it above your beam height-Cut Plan-Set it above your beam height.

3. Temporarily change your Detail Level to Fine. This is so you can see the 3D beams.

4. Use the Annotate-Detail Line Tool to draw a line beside the 3D beam using the 'Overhead Beams' Line Style.

5. Use the Align tool to align your line to the middle of the 3D beam. Click the Lock so it is closed.

6. Change your View Range back to normal.

This will line will stay (mostly) connected with the 3D beam. This technique can be used for balconies above, floorplates above, roof overhangs etc.

Please note that there is a bug involving sloping beams and beam systems showing up even when above. Autodesk will be fixing this so I wouldn't use it.


Anonymous said...

or you could go with the linework tool:

Aaron said...

You can also use the linework tool while the cut plane is temporarily raised to override the display of the beam lines to "overhead" and they will continue to display this way even after the cut plane is returned to normal. The difference using this method is that you are not adding detail lines - the lines you see in your plan actually belong to the beams, so no need to worry about preserving locked relationships. You can also override graphics in view by detail level to keep the beams locked on fine.

Jay Polding said...

This can work for single line objects. There are a couple problems with using the Linework tool as applied to overhead beams:
1. The linework does not show up at a course level of detail.
2.The Line Style is applied to the entire beam, instead of just one thick centre-line.

Jay Polding said...

I should add that the Linework tool will generally be more 'connected' as opposed to the Locked Detail Lines. I find that the Detail Lines become detached quite easily.

That being said. These are all workarounds which need to be addressed by Autodesk. It would be logical for them to create the ability to show some objects which are above and below. In other words, refining the View Range.