Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Visibility issues, Volume 1

Visibility Issues are among the most common issues with Revit. These can usually be chalked up to the following...

Category is turned off in the view

Object Graphics or Visibility overridden (ie., set as transparent, turned off)

View Range

Plan Regions

Worksets (turned off in Visibility Overrides)

Design Options


Object being blocked by another (like a floor slab)

View Properties-Discipline(21-May-10)


Keep in mind that when working in a team environment (Worksharing) others may be editing your settings without you knowing. One way to mitigate this is by making some initialed views, especially when it comes to the overall 3D and Section Box views. Another common solution is to yell at the people who are doing this.


Kevin said...

Another culprit to check is View Filters.

M A said...

weekly meetings also help, as some newer Reviteers might not even know what they are doing.

You should also have "working views" with your initial after them, in your own section, that you can do whatever you please as far as view settings, turning things on and off.

Also, create many 3-D views, with everything turned off except one or two object types. This way you can quickly check the entire building for errors before printing.

keep up with this blog, it is a great resource, thank you for that! cheers!