Thursday, November 25, 2010

Revit Design Adventures: Drawing Walls, Finally! 5

First Iteration
Drawing Walls, Finally!

So far we've spent about an hour setting up. Some of the things that we have setup so far...

Set Location
Project North

Levels, Grids and Reference Planes
Simple Material
Simple Wall, Floor styles ie. EW1 for Exterior Wall, IP1 for Interior Partition

A starter Sheet

Duplicate some views and append the phase to the name, for instance; 3D-Existing or Level1-Existing. Make sure you also change the Phase view property.
Now, in an Exisitng phase view we can draw our walls. Remember to always draw from Level to Level, like a cake. (mmmmm sweet, delicious, Revitcake)

Now the fun part..demolishing.

In the Phase 1 view, we now demolish the walls which are to be demolished using the 'demolish' tool. (I like saying 'demolish')
But what if only part of our walls are to be demolished? Use the 'Split' tool. You will end up with some funny intersections at times. This can be mitigated using the allow/disallow join tool.

In a Phase 1 view we can now draw the new walls.

Up to this point there has been a lot of 'wall' talk. We can add the windows, doors and openings to their proper Phase views. We can also demolish them! 
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