Thursday, December 30, 2010

Revit Design Adventures: Finishing the Shell (6)

First Iteration: Finishing the Shell with Roofs, Floors, Ceilings etc.

Drawing the rest of the shell means adding floors, roofs, ceilings and the skylights with openings. The shell is on the Existing Phase as this is mostly an interior renovation.

Levels should always be made to finished STRUCTURE. (As apposed to finishes like carpet, tile etc.)

The floor top is aligned to the Level. Any floor finishes need to be thin and on top of the structural floor. We'll put the finish floor on later.

The roof bottom is aligned with the Level. But it may not be where you think. The bottom, outer edge of the roof is aligned with the Level. So in the case of wood, stick framed roofs you will need to move the roof down to the proper springing point.

The ceiling is based on an offset from the floor level to the underside of the ceiling. The default way to make the ceiling is 'Automatic' but this is not usually the way to go. You're better to go with the Sketch Ceiling option. Constraining the model should always be avoided.

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