Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Revit Design Adventures: Order Out of Project Browser Chaos (17)

The image above shows the Project Browser from the kitchen renovation project.

The Revit Project Browser fills up with views very fast. The shear number of views can get overwhelming. Always name views as you make them. This is especially true of elevation and 3D views. 3D views are always the most popular because they are so descriptive. But if they are called something like 'Copy of 3D view 120' you will end up getting frustrated trying to find out what that view shows. This may even cause others to make lots of duplicate views.

Many firms make a Project Parameter (could be called Working or Sheet) that they apply to views. This text parameter is applied to views. It's purpose is to define whether a view is intended for 'working' or for 'sheet'. Using the Browser Organization tool under the Views tab, User Interface allows you to sort by the 'Working or Sheet' project parameter. 

Over the next six days we will be looking at all six of the sheets in the project. We will discuss mistakes made, lessons learned and big ideas for future projects.

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