Thursday, April 07, 2011

Revit Design Adventures: Billing on Day 5 (22)

Okay, let's speed this up a bit. Here are the final two sheets of the set. Details and Elevations. I already spoke about the detailing process in an earlier post. So let's get on with time and billing. No spreadsheet needed. The project took about 10 hours of billable time. A couple hours of on site measuring for confirmation, a couple hours of as-built modeling and setup, an hour of renderings, and a few more for proposed modeling, detailing and sheet cleanup. Throw in a client meeting or two and you have the ten hours. Revit projects are weighted on the setup and modeling side of things. The documentation still takes time but hardly any in proportion to modeling. 

Lessons learned:
There are lots more services we could have offered this client like quantity takeoff and construction management but the client wanted to do it themselves (can you blame them?).  
Always model where possible. Yes, it took us some more time to model the skylight wells in the first iteration but in the end the client made a very fast decision when they saw the result.
Model it like it's built. 
Don't detail too early. I didn't show it but we changed the roof thickness a few times which meant updating the detail components more than once.

Well, I think it's time we moved on to another 'adventure'. Make this real model into a Revit model. Oh, and make the 'roof flap' parametric. 

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