Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Revit Design Adventures: The Flapping Roof (1)

The Flapping Roof 

So it can be done in Revit. Was this ever in doubt? Maybe.

AGATHOM Co. is a Toronto boutique architect who only create masterpieces in my opinion. I don't know another architect that has a full working wood and metal shop on premises. They wanted to do a design study and also get an idea if Revit might fit into their workflow.

We needed to model the building as context but focus on the roof flap. This was beyond conceptual, it was intricate and detailed. It had to be parametric so the architect could raise and lower the angle so as to find the perfect slope and position for the beams. The main focus from a Revit standpoint was to create a parametric roof flap family. During this series we will examine custom modeling, complex formulas in families, mistakes, bugs and generally pushing Revit beyond it's comfort zone. 

Our adventure starts with starting on the right foot by setting up the Revit file.

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