Friday, January 07, 2011

Revit Design Adventures: Dirty Little Secret (9)

Here we are, only on the second iteration of this project and already I have a dirty little secret. Here it is: I drew the first iteration 'by eye'. I know, I know, bad idea. Point is, we always start a project lacking some important information. If we had all the information up front the client wouldn't need us. This is especially true when trying to win a job because we are gambling with time.

The entire second iteration will be done in about an hour because of our diligent setup. It is good practice when starting another iteration to do a 'save-as'.  If your model has been 'Workshared' (Worksets enabled) then make sure you check 'Make this a Central file' before saving.

The client has mentioned that a sloped ceiling is preferable so we will start modelling that. We need to get rid of the existing skylight wells (that we worked so hard to make, typical) and draw a thicker roof on top of the existing roof. Next time, let's talk about how we start incorporating the model (with actual dimensions), phases and sheets to complete the second iteration. 

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