Thursday, January 06, 2011

Revit Design Adventures: Presentation and Rendering (8)

First Iteration: Presentation and Rendering

We are now done the first iteration. Our goal for this iteration is to reflect back to the client what they said that they wanted. Doesn't mean we have to like it. In fact, this may prove to them that they need some design advice. In this case, they came to the conclusion themselves that a new sloped ceiling would look better.

The rendering was done in a camera view. Interior: Sun only was the lighting choice. The materials right now are all just a generic white colour, as we had set up earlier. There are two section boxes with blacked out cut areas.

There are no titles on any of the viewports which is a setting in the Type Properties of the Viewports. This was simply a choice but reminds us of an important best practice: Make sure that you always 'Duplicate' when making any changes to Type Properties.

The client is now expecting another design iteration showing the sloped ceiling. We might also take this opportunity to reflect back some of the objects to be demolished. By doing this we will have a clearer understanding of what they want.

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