Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revit Design Adventures: Plywood and Drywall Quantity Take-offs (12)

We're taking a little detour in our design adventure. Suppose we are asked to provide a quantity take-off for the plywood used on the roof, or drywall on walls? In my opinion quantity take-offs are usually best done using an algorithm in a Revit schedule. This is a better long term and live solution. Problem is, it's not always visual and takes some practice to get formulas tested and working. Specifically for the use of plywood on a wood framed roof you can use the following method...

Copy the model.
Make a System Panel called Plywood.
Make a Sloped Glazing Roof type called Plywood Takeoff.
Convert the roof to the Plywood Takeoff style you've just made.
Make Panel Schedule, filter the name for Plywood. Apply a Conditional Format for 32 sq.ft. this will at least identify your full pieces.

This same idea can be applied to walls for other 'panelized' takeoffs.

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Unknown said...

Very nice! But how do you do floors?

Robert Cummings said...

Very Nice! But how do you do floors with plywood panels?

Robert Cummings said...

Very nice! But how do you do floors with plywood?

Jay Polding said...

Thanks for comment. Floor would just be a flat roof. Could use Dynamo to recreate Roof from Floor sketch. Not ideal but it's all I got...