Friday, January 14, 2011

Revit Design Adventures: Second Iteration Complete (10)

So why did we need 8 or 9 posts just to cover the first iteration and only one post for the second? First, the initial nine posts are including the setup and modeling of the basic building. They really only represent a few hours of time. The second reason is that the second iteration has very little to change. So let's get this done.

In the last post we left off here...

Save as, new version.

The client has mentioned that a sloped ceiling is preferable so we will start modelling that. We need to get rid of the existing skylight wells (that we worked so hard to make, typical) and draw a thicker roof on top of the existing roof.

Phasing is always an issue that you need to think of first. Because the new roof configuration is both roof and ceiling we will need to make another one in the same place as the existing and put it on Phase 1.  The skylights were hosted to the existing roof and now we need to rehost them to the Phase 1 roof.

We render it again and send it to the client in under an hour, all in. (Should have waited a day before emailing it ;-)) They like it but now wonder how a bulkhead with lights might look. This will present some modeling challenges as well as fixing a little foible in the stock Revit pot-lights.

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In the spirit of skylights...

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