Thursday, January 20, 2011

Revit Design Adventures:Ceiling Bulkheads (11)

So now things are starting to roll. The client understands that we can meet their expectations so now they getting more excited about the process. This is really good but we need to continue managing expectations. While it is now easier to explore different versions for visualization it still takes some time, our valuable time. We are fighting against the 'CSI: New York mentality' music for 15 seconds and voila! full facial reconstruction complete. When all parties know that endless options are not 'free' they focus on the task at hand.

So, knowing this, the client has decided to explore a three skylight version with lower ceiling bulkheads. This would be considered a third iteration and a good time to Saveas. The ceiling is made with the sketch option. The sketch has a boundary around the outside edge as well as the inside edge thus creating the cutout. The walls are made using a custom wall type that would represent the framing and drywall needed for the bulkhead. Using the Attach Wall command we are able to attached the top of the wall to the underside of the roof and the base to the ceiling. The ceiling must fully extend under the wall, the thickness of the wall. As we model all of this we are making sure that these elements are going to the correct phase. All of the view and rendering settings are the same as previous so rendering is a snap. This entire iteration has lasted an hour or so. But what about those pesky potlight, or 'recessed can', families that come with Revit? Let's talk next time about some problem families that come with the Revit package and how to fix them.

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